Our Services

Our Africa is a young, vibrant and customer-focused organisation, whose mission is to provide superlative graphic designing, printing, branding, corporate imaging and advertising services, in line with current international trends.

It is run by experienced and highly creative professionals, who are capable of conceptualizing, publicizing and ultimately marketing clients’ products, according to their specication and vision
We provide competitive graphic, printing, corporate imaging and advertising solutions for clients. Our technical graphics team guarantees the delivery of international quality designs such that the identity of your organisation is of a world class standard so as to ease the marketing of your organization. We have the capacity to produce the following according to clients specication:

To boost your organizations image on both the local and international markets.
Our Africa has the capacity and capabilities to come up with logo designs match current international trends. Our design and marketing team will embark on an intensive and extensive research before they come up with the required design to ensure that your corporate image will be to world class standard. Our Africa provides the following products for corporate branding:

We provide high quality branded ofce stationery which includes:

Invoice books receipt books delivery note books business cards letter heads complimentary slips calenders memo pads e.t.c

From conceptualisation to actual origination, our clients are assured of the highest standard of products. Advertising/marketing concepts will only be implemented in multi-media publicity campaigns subject to clients’ satisfaction and approval.
Initial origination is done in-house by our highly skilled designers, using cutting-edge technology. They carry out thorough yet in professional consultation with clients, in order to produce superb quality press and digital advertisements as well as, press adverts, brochures, posters and yers.


Our Africa provides high quality world class printing services of the following
Plan Printing From A0
PVC ID Cards
Branding of Caps, Umbrellas, Gazebos, Mugs, Push carts
X Frame Banners
Rollup Banners
Company Proles
Vehicle branding
Business Cards

Production Of In-house Journals, And Any Other.

Printable Products That You Can Imagine Our Africa Boasts a highly qualied team Of Graphic designers with a wealth of experience in the print & digital media industry, who produce designs and lay-outs which meets world class standard.